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This wiki is about Felidae: a saga of German animal literature books by Akif Pirinçci and an animated movie.

It's a thriller (with science-fiction and supernatural elements) story focused on the adventures of Francis, a smart cat, that with logic, intuition, claws and sometimes a bit of luck, solves cases of mysterious murders!

WARNING: contents of the series include mature themes compared to other animal books. Including graphic deaths, human experiments on animals, portrayal of mating behavior.

!! ATTENTION !! MANY ARTICLES MAY INCLUDE MAJOR SPOILERS! (there are warnings inside the text of such articles that states " (SPOILER):" )

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Note: due lack of visual content, apart the movie, the Felidae Wiki allow use of fan-arts for portraits. Input by artists and fans are well received. The Wiki specify when a picture is originated from the Movie, a Fan-art (based on books or movie portrayal) or the single official Comic of Felidae.

Use of fan-arts is done only with permission of original artists, credits and links of the original work are included.

The Wiki include original works like detailed sinopsis from books never translated in english! Fans are suggested to avoid other wiki plagued by trolls with incorrect and Original Characters contents, or wiki creating articles after reading/extrapolation of information from the original Felidae Wiki.


Other Media:

Felidae (1994)

Felidae:Katzencomic (1994)

Cat Sense  (1994)

Watch the movie!

Felidae (1994) — German Audio with English Subtitles (Closed Captioning) FULL MOVIE

Felidae (1994) — German Audio with English Subtitles (Closed Captioning) FULL MOVIE

German audio with english sub. No copyright no copyright infringement intended. Subtitles provided by Gynandromorph[1] for the related Felidae fanclub. Thanks for your dedication!

Characters of Felidae:

Recurrent characters :

List of other characters by book:

  1. Felidae: Felicity Kong Hermann&Hermann    Nhozemphtekh Jesaja   Pepeline Claudandus Joker  Sascha Deep Purple Atlas Tomtom Felidae_X Agatha(cat) Solitaire Pascha Chanel Chrochoch Tragiyahn Khromolhkhan Iüeahtoph Unknown Felidae female(movie-only)
  2. Francis: Saffron Niger Hugo Mandrake Ambrosius Aurelie Eight  Zak
  3. Cave Canem: Hector  Roxy Moses  Sissi  Hinz&Kunz   Andromeda   Junior's mother
  4. Das Duell: Adrian    Fabulous  Max (hybrid)    black sisters
  5. Salve Roma: Antonio Samantha Miracolo
  6. Schandtat:Eloi  Morlock  Madam, Francis's father, Francis's mother Metatron
  7. Felipolis: Domino  Herlz  Josef  Clint Smith&Wesson  Sumra von Wechselberg
  8. Gottergleicht: Pi  Sigmund  Max Sybilla Kurt

List of human characters:

Gustav Löbel    Julius Preterius  August Horch    Amöbius Mars  Lars Büttel  Marc Forster

Groups and Organizations of Felidae:

Church of Claudandus   Felidae Breed Sewer's cats   Wild she-cats   Council  Underground cats   Felipolis  Proletarian Union Brotherhood of Black   Chronos's cats

List of human organizations:

Cave Canem   CIA    Kantsky group    Animal Army  German Army

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