I love the feliade movie . It is amazing , it would go welll with me because i love cats and murder mysteries. 

I also love to learn all the different kinds of cats . 

I am reading this book right now . 

I am also interested in the warrior cat series and the twilight saga series . 

This is francis fan here and if you have any question about the purpose of the movie i would be more than delighted and happy to help . 

My favs are francis and bluebeard . 

This movie contains adult content , sex and lots of scary and disturbing pictures . 

It can scare people , when i watched this the first time i was about to be sick . 

Now i understand the meaning of the world FELIDAE and unsderstand what it is . 

If you have any questions ask me please . 

I am happy to publish a new page 


Felidae fan 

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