Junior's mother is an unnamed character only mentioned in Cave Canem, that however plays an important part in Francis's life. She was said to be extremely similar in appearance to Francis (including black-and-white marks on the face) but with diamond-eyes.

Life and Death Edit

It's known that she was a stray, a pretty and younger (compared to Francis) she-cat. Francis found her during her heat, under a cherry tree on a sunny late August day, and mated with her until night fall. Francis never learned the name of the stray she-cat and he wasn't involved with her, as custom of felines.

The she-cat gave birth to four kits, including Junior, and the small family suffered greatly from the cold of the winter. One kit died of cold, another died under a truck. Eventually Junior's mother was killed by a viral infection, and Junior started to search for his father.

Francis recalls memories of the nameless stray, after talking with Junior, arousing feelings of guilt and sadness.