Nhozemphtekh is a she-cat of the  Felidae Breed.


She appears in the first novel and the Felidae movie, seen in Francis' garden where she teased, seduced, and eventually mated with him. After she first mated with him, she refused to tell anything about herself (including tidbits of her history, breed and name), and beckoned to mate with him a second time.  In the book, it is specifically stated she is in heat and is going to get pregnant. 

(SPOILER): In the book it is later revealed by Claudandus  how he purposely sent (or directed) Nhozemphtekh  with the intent to fascinate Francis and to make him experience first-hand the beauty and the strength of the breed he created.

With the death of Claudandus and the demise of the Felidae project. Francis mentions to meet again Nhozemphtekh and keep a polite relationship.

Further appearencesEdit

Nhozemphtekh is mentioned in the second book of the series, Francis remember to have mated with her on different occasions.


  • Toward the end of the movie adaptation, Francis meets a similar unknown Felidae female, mistaken for Nhozemphtekh by some fans.
  • There is no indication that Nhozemphtekh was involved or even knew about the Claudandus' murders. In the novel is clearly stated that most of the Felidae cats did not care about Claudandus' plans and were more prone to wander and mate like normal cats.
  • Nhozemphtekh is implied to have become pregnant with Francis's kits. In the novel series this is not further mentioned, but Francis explain in the third novel (Cave Canem) to have no connection or relationship with his offspring, a behavior common about cats (with the notable exception of Junior).

  • Despite the "evil-look" portrayal, and the instinctive comparison with Felicity by many fans, Francis in the novels is described to bear no actual romantic feelings toward Felicity or Nhozemphtekh herself (let alone "becoming mate" of her). Francis's connection with Nhozemphtekh in novels is stated to be purely passion-centered and Francis is notorious for having multiple mating interests during his adventures before ultimately settling with a stable mate: Sancta.

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