Solitaire was a she-cat of the Siamese long-hair breed and one of the victims of Claudandus, she was believed to carry Kong's kits (being his favorite lover) however, she actually mated with a male member of the Felidae Breed and Claudandus killed her to prevent half-breed kits to be born. Kong did not suspected Solitaire to have mated with another tomcat.

(SPOILER): After Kong saw body of the she-cat, he lost interest in attacking Francis and focuses his anger on the killer.

Note: In the movie she was represented with a dark/blue coloration.

Gallery Edit

Solitaire by imnurhest-d8dwhrq2

Solitaire, fanart of (c)Imnurhest (as portrayed in the movie)

Solitaire killed

Movie scene: Discovery of Solitaire's body

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