• Kooskia

    Let's work on Felidae!

    October 24, 2012 by Kooskia

    Hello at all!

    I'm Kooskia, an italian fan of Felidae movie and book series. Some people on internet watched the movie and loved it, but very few knew about the books because sadly only the first two were translated in english (recently the fifth one was translated too).

    I'm Co-Admin of the Felidae FanGroup on Deviantart, the largest international community of artists online, and hope people there will can go here to help or that users will find it interesting to check data and facts.

    Also, people that read this wiki could probably enjoy the group on Deviantart because it's full of nice fanarts!

    (PS Some fanarts of characters not present in the books are very precious! Maybe some of them could be used to this wikipedia, obviously giving full cr…

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